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North London Self Tape Studio and Audition Coaching for Actors.
Agent and Casting Director recommended.
Exceptional quality Self Tapes & Audition Coaching.

London's Premier Self Tape & Coaching Studio. Established 2015.
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Naomi Ackie.jpg

"Self taping is usually quite stressful and time consuming but I've found working with David takes out all of the stress of self taping and let's me focus on what I actually want to do, which is tape an audition piece I'm proud to send out. The atmosphere is easy going and professional. I leave feeling good about what I've done and confident about the end result. He's the best one basically :) Thanks David!"  

Naomi Ackie: BAFTA Winner (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody, End of the Fucking World, Lady Macbeth) 

Steven Mackintosh.jpg

"I've been searching for the ultimate self tape solution and finally I've found it . Self Tape House create a stress free experience. They are very accommodating, even with last minute bookings, very reasonably priced and the tapes look great. Highly recommended."


Steven Mackintosh: BAFTA Winner (Rocketman, Luther. Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Stan Lee's Lucky Man.

georgina c.jpg

"Self Tape House is a fantastic, convenient and very professional way to do a self tape. The results are of a brilliant quality, I will definitely keep using their services  and recommend them to anyone looking for assistance self taping. "


Georgina Campbell: BAFTA Winner (Murdered by my Boyfriend, His Dark Materials, Broadchurch, Krypton.)


"A prayer was answered the day I discovered Self Tape House! David has single-handedly managed to turn the fine art of self-taping from something that I resolutely used to dread and procrastinate, to something I actually enjoy and take in my stride. David is funny, smart, professional, and discerning about the acting industry and the business of booking the job. He will work with you to bring out the colours of the scene, with patience and tactful guidance. The lighting is brilliant and he is extremely mindful of deadlines and always turns tapes around quickly. It's a great relief to no longer have to sweet talk my friends to tape with me, and to have a reliable and relaxed space to work where I know I can make self-tapes I'm proud of. Thank you David."

Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter, My Name Is Emily, Sinbad, Silent Witness)

Sonoya NEW.jpg

"Self Tape House is the only place I go for self tapes in London and the only place I would recommend. David is an excellent actor/reader which helps the process enormously. On top of that the tapes always look and sound professional. I used to find taping stressful and time consuming but with David it is neither of those things, and we also always have a good laugh! "

Sonoya Mizuno:  (House of the Dragon, Devs, Maniac, Ex Machina, Crazy Rich Asians, La La Land)


 "David has been INVALUABLE to my career for the past few years I’ve worked with him both as a coach and with self tapes. He makes a real effort to adopt his style to me and the way I work. He gives me the space and time to play, makes me feel like I can try things and fuck up without consequence. He’s a BRILLIANT DIRECTOR who has the ability to look at scripts and very quickly decipher what the scene & character requires for the purposes of the tape or audition, as well as knowing exactly how to extract that from me; Giving me clear, actionable notes that I can put into practice instantly and helping me see takes on characters that I hadn’t thought of. I’ve always found my best successes when I’ve put in the extra mile. And David is great at helping you do that."

Taz Skylar: Olivier Award Nominated (One Piece, Boiling Point, Gassed Up, Villain)


“Self Tape House is an amazing resource for actors. I hate putting myself on tape but David makes it so easy and really fun. Also, he’s a brilliant actor and knows just how to pitch it when reading with you. The tapes always look beautiful and sound incredibly clear. It takes away all of the pressure and difficulty of self-taping. Also, David is extremely well priced and very flexible with hours. I avoided self-tapes for ages until I went to Self Tape House. I can’t recommend them highly enough."

Samuel Barnett: Olivier & Tony nominated (Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, The History Boys, Penny Dreadful, The Lady in The Van)

Sian Gibson.jpeg

"The whole self tape process has always filled me with absolute dread. It’s always taken me hours to set up and then it’s the faff of finding someone to read with. David at self tape house has been a complete godsend! He reads in perfectly, gives great direction and deals with all the technical bits to make the tape look professional and something I’m proud of. David has completely taken all the pressure off self taping and I’ve recommended him to absolutely everyone I know"

Sian Gibson: BAFTA Winner (Car Share, The Power Of Parker, The Reluctant Landlord)


"My agent suggested Self-Tape house to me for a more professional looking audition tape and I haven’t looked back since. Working with David has taken all the stress out of self taping. He is brilliant at what he does, making the technical side quick and easy while also being supportive to the actor and giving them a lot of energy to spark off doing the scenes. Highly recommended!"

Nikki Amuka Bird: ( BAFTA nominated. Luther, Old, Knock at the Cabin, Avenue 5, Inside No 9 )

Rebecca Front.jpg

"David makes the whole self tape experience completely painless.  Because he's an actor himself, he reads in very well. And the end result looks thoroughly professional. What a relief not to have to cobble it together my self!"

Rebecca Front: (BAFTA winner - The Thick of It. Avenue 5, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, War & Peace. Humans) 

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 15.41.35.png

"David is second to none. Not only does he have the ability to produce first-class, professional self tapes, but he is also a fantastic actor and a joy to read with. He always makes sure my agent receives the tape before the deadline, no matter how busy his schedule is. I whole heartedly recommend Self Tape House. "


Katherine Kelly: (Multiple National Television Awards Winner The Night Manager, Happy Valley, Cheat, Criminal: UK, Liar, Mr Selfridge)


"Self Tape House is the best self taping service I have used in London by a mile. I often receive positive comments from my UK and US Agents about the quality of the tapes and David is an excellent reader who can provide helpful direction if required. The lighting and camera set up , together with the editing, makes the tape look and sound amazing. I've booked roles on Inside No. 9 and Catch 22 amongst others after taping with David!"


Miranda Hennessy: (Catch 22, King Gary ,Inside No.9, Johnny English 3, Quacks, Sherlock.)


"Self Tape House is my go to company for self tape auditions. David really knows what he's doing and supports the audition process in whatever way I need.  Even my agents have commented on how slick his tapes are and how fast he works- which is always necessary, given I’ve often had less that 24 hours to turn around a brilliant tape! Also recently just booked a job from the director seeing my tape alone, so I can't recommend this place enough"


Gbemisola Ikumelo: BAFTA Winner (A League of Their Own, Sex Education, Black Ops, Famalam,) 

lauren lapkus.jpg

"As an American working abroad in London, I had trouble finding people who could help me self tape without it being entirely awkward. I was so relieved once I found Self Tape House. David made it really easy to get my auditions done, and they always looked great and were sent to me really quickly afterward! I would highly recommend going here for a painless audition experience. It's also super helpful that David is an actor so you are reading with someone who will not detract from your audition."

Lauren Lapkus: (Emmy Nominated -Big Bang Theory, Orange is the New Black, Jurassic World, Star Trek)

sophia brown.jpg

"Self Tape House has been my saviour for the past few years. I’ve already booked multiple jobs off of taping with David. He's awesome! - A great reading partner and is always so accommodating with fitting me in (even after getting off an 11 hour flight!)"

Sophia Brown: (Witcher: Blood Origin, Guerrilla, Giri /Haji, Marcella, Clique, The Capture)


"Self tapes are an inescapable part of our industry now and as a performer you want to put your best foot forward each time. David is that step in the right direction: professional, well produced tapes, with brilliant direction each time. Self Tape House is always a winner."

Akemnji Ndifornyen: Bafta Winner, Rosé D'or Winner (Famalam, The Queen's Gambit, Black Ops, Catherine Called Birdy, Shrill)


"I cannot recommend Self Tape House highly enough. It takes all the stress out of taping. David is wonderful and always a life saver when accommodating last minute auditions. The tapes look professional with great sound and I consistently get great feedback from US agents and management. After having used multiple self tape services in London, Self Tape House is the place I keep coming back to."

Eliza Bennett: (Dynasty, This is Us, Sexy Beast, Nanny McPhee)

john macmillan.jpg

"Self Tape House is a fantastic resource for an actor- they never make you feel rushed, they light you brilliantly, they'll rehearse it with you if you want (they can actually act!). And they cut it together and send it off for you. There are lot of overpriced impersonal taping studios in central London so having the Self Tape House here in North London is a godsend, cannot recommend them enough."

John Macmillan: (House of the Dragon, The Great, King Lear, The Dark Knight Rises, Chewing Gum, Silk) 


"David has set up the most brilliant self tape haven there is . I ( like most actors ) hate the whole saga of self taping at home -  it takes forever as I am never happy with what I’ve done - I look cross eyed reading the tiny bits of paper I have stuck to the edge of the slowly collapsing ring light ...

David is funny , kind and does a perfect job . You walk away knowing whatever happens you’ve given yourself the absolute best shot!"

Sarah Hadland (Miranda, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Inside No 9 The Job Lot)


“I cannot speak more highly of David’s service. His is the best I’ve experienced worldwide as he makes the process so easy and enjoyable. The final product is always of such high quality and I feel I’ve given myself the best possible chance of booking the job when I work with David. He brings his wealth of experience to the table which makes the process collaborative and I always go away having learnt something new” 

Graeme Thomas King: (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Greta, Florence Foster Jenkins)


"Self tapes can be hugely stressful and, frustratingly, there’s an expectation for artists to deliver slick tapes to deadline with little access to help. David completely puts me at my ease and with his guidance, I always deliver a good tape, well lit and with great sound."


Kevin Bishop: BAFTA nominated (The Kevin Bishop Show, Star Stories, Inside No 9, Detectorists)


"Dave has the incredible ability to make you feel relaxed and confident whilst keeping a keen eye on your performance and not being afraid to give notes. His attention to detail and personable approach is what makes him the best self tape company around! I highly recommend Self Tape House to anyone looking to deliver a quality product to their agent."

Michael D. Xavier: (Multi Olivier Award nominated The Blacklist, Outlander, Gentleman Jack) 


"David has changed the game for Self Tapes and the best Self Taping service I have found. He is wonderful at fitting you in when you get an urgent tape and every self tape is incredibly high quality for sound, lighting, look and agents love them. He is brilliant at using direction to get the most out you and never fails to deliver as a reader. Most importantly though, he makes Self-Taping enjoyable and stress free." 

Therica Wilson-Read (The Witcher, Young Wallander, Coyote)


"Self Tape House gives really excellent service.  Top quality tapes are assured and David is great to work with. Recommended!"

Kevin Eldon (The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Hot Fuzz, Game of Thrones, Shadow and Bone)


"Love, love, LOVE David at Self Tape House. He always makes me feel relaxed. His studio is perfect for tapes and he’s a brilliant reader. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else now."

Chizzy Akudolu: (Criminal Record, The Woman In The Wall, Holby, Best Interests, The Inbetweeners)


"David is a fantastic person to tape with and has been kind enough to be available often at very short notice, totally taking the pressure off when a self-tape comes through. Self-Tape house has changed the way I look at self tapes and has allowed me to focus fully on my job as an Actor, making me enjoy them a lot more. Would definitely recommend David! "

Synnøve Karlsen: ( The Midwich Cuckoos, Bodies, Clique, Medici: Masters of Florence, Last Night in Soho)


"This is the answer we’ve all been hoping for. What a relief to be able to do my own actual job and nothing else in a “self”tape because David will do all the rest.

He’s made room for me even when I’ve called at short notice, he lights, shoots, reads in and edits brilliantly and sends the results to my agent ahead of schedule.

And we always have time to laugh about the absurdity of the whole bizarre enterprise. 

If he retires then frankly so must I."

Siobhan Redmond: BAFTA Nominated (Rain Dogs, Two Doors Down, Inside No 9, Unforgotten)


“Self tape house is fantastic! More and more projects are being cast solely on self tapes. Like them or loathe them, they are the future. Using David and STH takes all of the faff out of it. Setting up the camera, lighting, finding a space, editing uploading ETC all of that is gone, you can simply focus on the material and what you want to do with it. Lastly but for me most importantly, its someone DECENT to read with. David is an actor! I welcome his opinion on what takes to use and value a second set of eyes on important moments within the scenes. ”

Matt Di Angelo: (Borgia, Hustle, Eastenders)


"Self tape makes up 90 percent of castings I am seen for nowadays and Self Tape House takes away the stress of putting it together and makes it enjoyable. David is a fantastic actor himself as well as having casting experience so he knows the business inside and out, an accommodating, passionate and patient professional who goes above and beyond to help you out and an absolute joy to read with. Thank the gods of film and television that I found Self Tape House."

Haruka Abe: (Snake Eyes, 47 Ronin, Giri /Haji, Silent Witness, Emerald CIty, My Neighbour Totoro)


" I have known David for a few years now and he is the absolute dream to work with! Not only does he make you super relaxed but will make the sessions really fun and enjoyable. I really think working with him has helped me understand the process of taping and the standard of tapes I produce has upped massively since I’ve been working with him. I am a huge fan of self tape house and all David does and would highly recommend him to all actors. I always leave feeling like I’ve done the best tape possible and that is a testament to David’s amazing help and studio."

Emily Reid: (Belgravia, The Deceived, The Trouble with Maggie Cole, Curfew)


"Self Tape House has been such a blessing. David is amazing, always so accommodating and helpful. The final product is always on point with great editing and lighting. I would definitely recommend Self Tape House to anyone happily!! "

July Namir: (Homeland, Inside Man, Baghdad Central, Collateral, The Looming Tower)

"Given the stressful nature of self taping, it’s a relief and a delight to discover Self Tape House and someone as technically brilliant as David , who manages to combine all his professional expertise with a wonderful wit …. which takes a lot of the worry away as laughter is the best antidote to all the stress involved in making a tape. As a result, he enables actors to produce their best work and to operate creatively whatever the circumstances. The fact that he’s a talented actor means it always feels like a genuinely artistic experience.  Thank you David… I’m indebted to you."   


Margot Leicester  Olivier Award Nominated (Grace, King Charles III, Coronation Street)


Thank Heavens for David at Self Tape House. Easily the best self tape company in London. The whole set up is perfect, great lighting and sound. David is a wonderful reader and gives useful notes and direction throughout. We always have a great laugh in the studio and the tape is always sent to me and my agents ahead of time, leaving me safe in the knowledge I've given myself the best shot of landing the gig! Can't recommend highly enough! 

Laurie Brett BAFTA Winner (Waterloo Road, Eastenders, Shetland)

natalie gumede.jpg

"David at Self Tape house has always accommodated my last minute requests, providing a supportive, professional, yet fun atmosphere in which to do my self tapes. I'm immediately at ease and able to do my best work with him!"

Natalie Gumede: National TV Awards Winner (Titans, C.B Strike, Dr Who, Jekyll & Hyde,   Coronation Street) 


“I have been going to see David for a number of years now and it really is the best way to do tapes. Not only is David a fantastic reader but having a studio, decent camera and editing facilities all means that the quality of the tapes are the best. Highly recommend to anyone who wants zero stress and a great tape.”


Josh Taylor (The Crown, Poldark, Alex Rider)feel free to edit 


David is easily my first choice go to for an audition self-tape. Whatever the genre David reads generously and sometimes opens you to discovering moments in the scene you might not have seen on the page.  He gives honest and valuable feedback and you always end the session relaxed and confident knowing that he got the best out of you for the takes selected for the self-tape. 

Amina Zia: (Ten Percent, Alex Rider, Stath Lets Flats, Porridge)


"Please DO NOT book David, I need him to be free for me!
David is my first choice for self tapes every single time, as soon as I get a tape, first thing I do is check if he's free! His acting skills and direction always get my best take, and the production value makes me look like my best, every time. Can't recommend him enough"


 Tom Benedict Knight: (Houdini, Kingsman- The Golden Circle, Kick Ass 2)


"Self tapes can be tedious but David makes them so easy and, dare I say it, fun.  My agency are always really happy with the quality of the tapes and I leave confident that I've recorded the best tape I can. "

Hebe Beardsall (Unforgotten, Geek Girl, Happy Valley, Andor, Funny Cow, Vera, Harry Potter) 


"I highly highly recommend Selftapehouse. All the stressful organisation is taken out of your hands: you have an actor to read with who understands the scene and knows what to do (and what not), you walk into a perfectly lit space, a high quality camera is set up, all you have left to do is your actual work: play the scene. It's brilliant, affordable and worth it! And afterwards we chose the takes and a little later they we're in my inbox, complete with title card"

Thekla Reuten: (Red Sparrow, In Bruges, Stan Lee's Lucky Man)


Whenever I get a self tape request, the first thing I do without hesitation, is contact David and book a session with him. Over the years I’ve been going to David, I’ve learned to trust, respect and value his input to give me a the best possible chance to get a job. It’s relaxed, stress free and I don’t have to worry about the mystery of how to compress files and get the lighting and sound right. I highly recommend!

Dana Haqjoo: (The Ipcress File, Hijack, The Diplomat, Tin Star, Deep State, Time)


My agent put me in touch with David and I’m so glad she did! We’ve been working together for a couple of years now and he’s become a regular and trusted part of my audition process. David takes care of the technical aspects so I am free to focus on performance. He’s always willing to fit me in at short notice and the tapes are always on time. Crucially, he’s a great (and very funny!) actor too and so easy to read with. Thanks David! 

Zoe Telford (Vera, The Lazarus Project, Citadel, Litvinenko, Sherlock)


"Self tape house takes the stress out of self taping.  The atmosphere David creates is very patient and welcoming and immediately puts you completely at ease, ready to focus on the job in hand.  Not only does he make the whole process a joy but he produces an excellent quality tape. His rates are very reasonable and he's very accommodating, even with those last minute tapes. I can't recommend Self tape house highly enough. "

Kirsty Mitchell: (The Hitman's Bodyguard, Casualty, You, Me and the Apocalypse)

Kacey Ainsworth 2.jpg

"You know the drill, its five past three and your agent wants you to get a self tape to them by 1pm tomorrow, it's 4 scenes and South Carolina accent - the panic rises - you are in the middle of painting your best friends downstairs loo, no idea where your tripod is, roots need doing and who are you going to get to read at this short notice?  Ok this might sound like a bad advert for injurylawyers4u, But in this fabulous scenario I frantically call self tape house, I know we will sort it in a slot the next day, I walk out happy, job done. "


Kacey Ainsworth: National Television Awards Winner (Grantchester, Call the Midwife, Eastenders.) 


“Self Tape House has been my go to for years now. Their sheer professionalism and high quality service is unlike anything I’ve seen before. My team is always impressed when I turn in a tape from Self Tape House, it looks the part and draws the right attention, always. If you want to stand out and be remembered for your work, this is definitely the place to go.”

Martin Bobb-Semple (One Of Us Is Lying, All American: Homecoming, Pandora)

louie bond.jpg

"I'm so grateful to have found David at Self tape house, no matter how last minute my auditions are David always fits me in. Being a great actor himself, his readings are super helpful and the tapes are always edited to the highest professional standard. I've already booked my biggest job yet for a new Netflix series and got to the last two for a hit series in the US! Excited for more great bookings,as knowing David is there gives me great confidence! "

Louise Bond: (Knightfall, Green Beret's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, My Crazy Ex)


"Self Tape House is the best self taping service in London as far as i'm concerned. Best quality, super quick turn around, amazing set up and competitive prices. The quality of 

footage is top notch. Highly recommend these guys!"  

Victoria Broom (Wonder Woman 1984, Marcella, The Bisexual, Gangs of London)


I can highly recommend Self Tape house. Stress free and highly professional. Immeasurably helpful and a real plus to have an actor as the reader. I have often relied on Self tape house at the last minute and never been let down. David  goes the extra mile and understands the pressure actors are under to deliver a top quality tape with often very little notice.  The tapes look great, are sent out promptly and are of a very high quality. 

Miriam Lucia: (House of the Dragon, The Diplomat, White Lotus, The Crown, Bodyguard)


"I highly recommend Selftapehouse for actors needing to Selftape. David makes the whole experience a breeze (and believe it or not, actually enjoyable lol)
As David is an actor himself the reading is spot on, the lighting is superb and the end result is very professional. David is always extremely accommodating to last minute requests. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without Selftapehouse, total lifesaver!” 

Annie Cooper (Not Going out, Linda La Plante - Above Suspicion, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks) 


Doing Self tapes can be so stressful, but whenever I go to Self Tape House , David makes everything easier & I can just concentrate on acting in a supportive space with someone who understands. 

Jocelyn Jee Esien: BAFTA Nominated (Little Miss Jocelyn, Upstart Crow, Dodger, How To Date Billy Walsh)


"If you want to take the stress out of auditioning and give yourself the best possible chance of booking, then Self Tape house is the place. With David’s personality and experience as an Actor and in Casting, he makes the whole process fun and guides you smoothly through it! From directing through to editing and grading, the final product is always mint!"

Pasha Bocarie: (The Wheel of Time, The Stranger, Emmerdale, Silent Witness, Spooks.)


Thank goodness for Self Tape House. I find self taping a fairly hideous experience so using David is a no-brainier and such a relief. The tapes are professional and painlessly put together in a timely fashion. He’s an excellent reader which always raises my game. I’ve used him for several years now and I’m not going anywhere. Much like blooming self taping! 

Ella Kenion: (The Outlaws, Detectorists, Four Lives, Honour, Stan & Ollie)


"Self-Tape House has been a blessing. Anyone in the industry knows that self-tapes can sometimes be a stressful experience. Dave has managed to eliminate all the traumatic elements, creating a relaxed, stress free experience. The camera quality is flattering for even the ugliest of mugs and the sound equipment makes screeching cats sound angelic. But above all, having another actor to read with is invaluable. Dave knows exactly what to look for and will offer useful notes to ensure you submit the best possible tape. If you want to give yourself the best chance to get the role – use Self Tape House!"

Harman Singh: (Porridge, Benidorm, Inbetweeners 2) 

kate magowan.jpg

"Self Tape House has been an invaluable help to me when I need to do last minute taping. They are always friendly and professional and make the process as painless as possible!"

Kate Magowan: (Stardust, 24 Hour Party People, Kidulthood, Eastenders)


 "Discovering Self Tape House was frankly the biggest relief. David makes it not only easy in a creative sense, the technical quality of the tapes is what you want to be be working with.

I’ve been taping with him ever since arriving in London and can only highly recommend his service."

Susanne Wuest: (Goodnight Mommy, A Cure For Wellness, The Parfum, Lore)


"What David has created is an invaluable resource for actors - he takes all the stress out of self-tapes and allows you to simply focus on your job as an actor. He’s calm, supportive and enthusiastic about working on scenes and I always leave his studio feeling very happy with the work we’ve done together. Whenever I use Self Tape House, I can send in my tapes knowing that they couldn’t be better. The quality of service David provides is fantastic and we always have a good time! He’s the real deal and I couldn’t recommend him more highly."

Cassian Bilton (Foundation, The Devil's Harmony, A Battle In Waterloo)


 "Over the moon with my self tapes by Self tape house. After about 6 years of searching for a good place to self tape in London that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg, I have finally found that place! Dave is wonderful to read with, he lets me take my time and really helps me if I'm a bit unsure on my performance. He makes me feel completely at ease and as a result I do good work. My agent  even emailed me the first time to say how fantastic she thought the tape was and how I was glowing! I 100% put the glow down to the fantastic lighting they use!"

Diana Vickers  (Top Coppers, Give Out Girls, Josh.)

Kathryn bond.jpg

"Can't fault Self Tape House from first read, recording, to edit, all a smooth ride. I''m made to feel super relaxed at the studio and David is excellent at making the whole process feel easy. My first audition recorded at Self Tape House got me a part in 'Urban Myths - The Greatest' for Sky so I was very happy and will keep going back. " 

 Kathryn Bond (Eastenders, Whitstable Pearl,Urban Myths, Call the Midwife, Semi-Detached.)

peter ormond.jpg

 "Self tape house offers a friendly, professional, high quality self tape experience. David is a professional actor which means you have someone to 'act' with; and, if you want it, he will provide valuable, insightful, non-intrusive direction to help maximise your chances. The camera, microphone and lighting are all high-end, so the finished result has an ultra-professional look, sound and feel, with a quick turnaround. I would highly recommend Self-Tape House.”

Peter Ormond (The Crown, Terminator: Dark Fate, Churchill, Victoria Cross Heroes)


"Self Tape House are brilliant. Very organised , very professional and its so much better having an actor read in the cues for you. I will  definitely keep using them.

Tony O’Callaghan (Eastenders, Call the Midwife,The Bill, Holby City )

Jonathan Kemp.jpg

"The service is easy going and excellent value. Dave offers all the advice you need if you want it - and none if you don't. The results were miles better than anything I could ever achieve at home. The Casting Director loved what I sent her - it was definitely worth making the effort and certainly worth the money."

Johnny Kemp (Vikings, The Trial of Christine Keeler, Belgravia)

"Self Tape House has been really handy especially with last minute tapes. David is very understanding as he's an actor himself, he has always done all he can to accommodate my last minute tape bookings. I've found my sessions easy going and calm, he helps you get the job done. Not much time is wasted as he can take on character very quickly which is important in a reader. Few places do this, so if you want a tape with a sleek finish, I would recommend Self Tape House"    

Tiana Benjamin (Eastenders, Harry Potter, The Interceptor.)





Canon 5D

Professional lighting & sound.

Experienced Actor/Acting coach with casting experience to read your lines with.


Footage edited.

Sound cleaned and colour graded.

The final tape uploaded for you.

Sent to Agent/ CD and to you .



1 Hour: £55

Additional 30 mins: £35


A​fter 6pm & Weekends:

1 Hour: £60

Additional 30 mins: £40

Stress free... We'll shoot you, so you don't shoot yourself!



1 HOUR: £55

(Additional 30 MINS: £35)

After 6pm & Wknds:

1 HOUR: £60

(Additional 30 MINS: £40)



To book a session at our North London studio please email us at OR click below.

3 mins walk from Bounds Green Station (Piccadilly line)

9 mins walk from Bowes Park Station (National Rail)

Our studio in Bounds Green is available day, eve & wknds at short notice, so if you do have a self tape emergency, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out!

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